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Comparison of Two Academic Writing Services

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 John Luther   May 11, 2023  Assignment  0

There’s no denying that academic solution providers on the internet have made the lives of students much more comfortable with their array of services. Even though the number of fake and inefficient solution providers is increasing in the market, a few names have been continuously serving the domain with quality support.

If you have looked up the internet for academic writing support, you may have already come across and, along with others. But which one’s better and which one can serve your requirements with perfection? A thorough comparison between the two may resolve your query once and for all.

Comparison between and

Both and are trusted by thousands of students and have been serving in the industry for more than a decade now. While is more focused on solving the urgent homework of the students, is more into solving complex assignments; although they both cover a wide range of academic tasks.

    • Visibility on the web:

If you type the keyword "assignment help" on your Google search bar, you will find in the first page of the search results. It means that Google identifies the website as a valuable option for the user who's looking for assignment help. However, it is a bit hard to find with the same keyword on Google. In fact, it does not appear within the first ten pages of search results for the keyword "assignment help".

If you try and find these websites with the keyword "homework help", you can find both on the first page of the search results. Despite having the advantage of the domain name, actually ranks lower than in this keyword search as well. Even for keywords like “essay help” and “dissertation help”, has a way better visibility than on Google search.


    • Service Charges:

If you go through both the sites, you will find that the brands boast about their affordable services. Also, both of them have some great deals and discounts for first-time users as well as the existing customers. Now the question is – “Who has got the better edge?”

Currently, promises up to 15% discount on the first order, which is quite low when compared to the 30% off at along with a $20 signup bonus. However, makes up for that with its variety of package deals and bonus-earning schemes. At, you get to enjoy the following offers:

  1. Book any 6 assignments within 7 days and get the 7thassignment free
  2. Book 4 similar assignments within 3 days and get another copy free
  3. Book 3 assignments within 72 hours and get 10% and 15% offs on the 2ndand 3rd order respectively.
  4. Refer a new user and get 10% commission as a referral bonus
  5. Gather loyalty points and redeem the points to book assignments does not have these many offers. However, you can still manage to get some bonus credits in the following ways:

  1. Signup with the website to get a $20 bonus.
  2. Share your requirements and get another $10.
  3. Add your mobile number to get another $5.

Since both websites offer academic solutions, you can choose any of them. But if you like to save more on the final prices, you need to check out these deals and discounts. For first-time users, may have a better deal. But if you need academic solutions in regular intervals, will be the better choice.


    • Team of writers:

If you want academic support from qualified writers, both the websites can provide you with that. However, in the number game, has the upper hand. While has over 3000 experts in the team, has 5000+ qualified writers working for them.

What's more, both the websites claim to have highly qualified writers in their respective teams. even has a separate page where you can check out the profiles of the experts. misses out on that.

At, you can learn about every expert's academic background, the number of orders he/she has delivered to date, and student reviews on his/her work. You can also check out their nationality, in case you want a native writer for your paper. Since there’s no separate section for experts at, you cannot learn such details about their writers.


Additional features:

You can find several similarities between and when you check out their other offerings. Some of the highlighting ones are:

  1. Plagiarism-free solutions
  2. 24x7 availability of support
  3. Secure payment gateways
  4. Support over 100+ disciplines
  5. The 3-step order placement system
  6. Services for students across all academic levels

Besides these additional benefits, both and have some exclusive features that add value to their services.

At, you can get features like:

  1. Free rework support on orders, if the concern is raised within 31 days of the delivery
  2. On-demand plagiarism report for the solution
  3. Free SMS alerts for orders
  4. Urgent assignment help at an additional cost

On the other hand, offers you a host of other features, including:

  1. Live tutorials from experts
  2. Instant homework support

While the live tutorials are undoubtedly useful for students across all academic levels, offers more advantages to clients than


    • Delivery of solution:

Both the websites offer timely delivery of the requested solutions and are capable of delivering urgent solutions on homework and assignments before the deadline. Their standard services also have a reputation for on-time delivery of solutions.

Both the websites let you choose the deadline for the order. For lengthy tasks like dissertations or case studies, the experts of the sites may require more than a week. But for shorter tasks like book reports or essay papers, the websites can deliver the solution within hours. Also, note that both the websites suggest consulting their support executives before placing an order for an urgent task.

Winner: Tie

Final words

It is quite clear from the comparison that is the superior one here. It has a better online visibility, more writers, more exclusive features and many lucrative deals.

 However, does not fall too far off either. Even though it falls short on many segments when compared to, it still is one of the well-preferred academic solution providers on the internet. In fact, both the website scores 4.9/5 in customer satisfaction. So, you can understand that both the websites are reliable with scoring further up the scale.

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