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Step-By-Step Guide to Write An Assignment

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 John Luther   Published On Jul 25, 2022 | Updated on Aug 8, 2022  Assignment  0

The word ‘assignment’ sends shivers down almost every student's spine. Reaching out to an online assignment writer and asking for assistance every time is not an option.

When learners sit down to work on an assignment, they have a few blank pages, a ticking clock, and their best buddy, i.e., procrastination. Missing the deadline is one of the common issues which students face, and sometimes, for this reason, they hire online writers.

But, do the pupils know that writing an assignment can be easy and fun too if they follow the right tips.

Let's discuss a step-by-step writing guide that students can refer to and work to secure high grades.

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Read the instructions carefully

Don't start working on an assignment without reading the instructions carefully. Don't rush. Missing any important instructions will surely affect the quality of the assignment.

Go through all the reading lists carefully. It will help you gain some insights into the topic and make your work easier. Don't forget to check the deadline.

If you don’t understand a particular task or question, reach out to your professor and get it solved immediately.


Do not procrastinate and start the research early. If you want your assignment to stand out, then you will have to include data and facts from several sources.

Other than taking information from textbooks and sources, your teacher has suggested trying to take data from other sources too.

Google Scholar, online academic videos, peer-reviewed websites, news websites, and the company's website are a few genuine sources from where you can retrieve data.

Besides referring to the reading list, live class recordings, and sample assignments, try to get access to LMS, Learning Management System.

Research has shown that learners who refer to LMS secure more grades than those who don’t.

Make a plan

After doing your research, you should set up a writing timetable for your tasks. Maintain a strict routine. Also, double-check your deadline so that you won't have to be stressed when you notice that it is rapidly approaching.

So, make the task manageable, and divide your time and responsibilities into more manageable portions. For example, create a timetable with several smaller deadlines.

You'll stay motivated if you know that a task has been finished.

Take notes

It is an important aspect of paper writing. While going through several research materials, try to take notes of data and information, which is a must to include.

While writing, refer to the notes, and you will not miss to include any fact/data in your paper.

The writing process will become manageable because you will easily be able to access all the info easily.

Focus on the objective and structure

Define the objective of the work and make a structure. This is where you will determine the pattern of a high-quality essay. In the objective part, you will have to write about the aim of the paper.

A well-structured assignment will look impressive in the eyes of teachers and professors.


When all the preparatory steps are done, you need to start writing. The writing style will depend on the type of assignment help. Mainly three types of assignment papers are there, reflective, literature review, and research paper.

The writing style you need to follow are :


Students will have to write about their experiences related to a particular topic or incident. They will have to demonstrate the psychological principles. For example, how addiction to social media has affected their lives and the steps they took to overcome it.

Literature review:

These assignments demand the student's report and evaluation of a few aspects of psychology. Learners will have to take information and data from published case studies and papers.

Then they will have to critically evaluate them and, in the end, write about their perspective.

Research paper -

Learners will have to take surveys, evaluate the results and demonstrate them. They need to cite sources that both support and counter the hypotheses.

If you are working on an assignment for the first time, you will face issues. Do not reach out to an expert and ask, 'write my assignment.' Rather ask for tips and assistance from your classmates and teachers and complete the paper on your own.

Smooth flow of paragraphs -

It's crucial to maintain a coherent flow. There must be connections between each paragraph. This will help the readers to connect with the content.

In order to do this, you must revisit your assignment's plan and look for key ideas that can help you connect the paragraphs in a natural way.

Here's a quick tip to help you with it: use phrases or words that will catch readers' attention while adding context to your written project.

Take breaks

You need to re-energize your body and mind, just like you would when studying. Most people can only focus for up to 45 minutes at a time. Plan your working hours, including breaks.

Spend 45 minutes working on the project, with 10-minute breaks in between. Taking regular breaks will help you to avoid taking stress.

Editing and proofreading

While writing, learners end up making several mistakes, and that affects the quality of the work. Therefore, after the completion of the paper, you need to proofread and edit the paper well.

Try using online spell checker tools. You can use Grammarly too. This tool will suggest new words, change the structure of the sentence and make your paper look sharp.


These nine tips will help the students complete an assignment correctly. Last but not the least, try to check your assignment with a plagiarism checker tool. Make sure that the plagiarism percentage in your paper is not exceeding.

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