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A Beginner’s Guide to Term Paper Writing

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Term Paper Writing
 John Luther   Published On May 29, 2021 | Updated on May 11, 2023  Assignment  0

Term paper writing is a fairly common practice in the academic field. It is usually assigned to students towards the end of the semester to evaluate the knowledge and learning of student for the particular term. Since it carries a significant amount of grades for the semester, you need to be careful while preparing a term paper.

Now, if you have been asked to prepare a term paper for the first time in your academic career, you need to start by learning the fundamentals of the task. In this blog, we will discuss how a term paper outline looks like, what the ideal term paper format involves, and, of course, how to write a term paper from scratch.

The Fundamentals of a Term Paper

A term paper is a form of research-based assignment. However, it is different from a research paper. A research paper is generally assigned to students at the beginning of the semester, while a term paper is usually assigned somewhere in the middle of the semester, and you need to submit it by the end of the term.

While a term paper has a particular format to follow, you also need to give priority to the instructions shared by your professor. Generally, a college term paper should be between five and seven pages. Also, the paragraphs in your term paper should be written in a typical essay style – with topic sentences, supporting information, examples, and transition words.

How does a Term Paper Outline look Like?

As you may already know, the outline of a term paper guides the whole writing process for the student. It organizes the thoughts and ideas the student have for the paper and gives them proper shape. If you have the proper term paper outline with you, it will help you stay on track as you write the paper. Generally, a term paper follows the same basic outline as mentioned below:


This is where you need to provide some background details about the topic of the term paper and also present the overall purpose of the thesis statement to the readers.


This section is usually segmented in to several headings and sub-headings, each covering various aspects of the topic.

  • It explores the history of the argument
  • It explores the extent of the main problem at hand
  • It discusses the impact of the problem at hand
  • It discusses the potential solutions


In this section, you need to summarize all the points discussed in the main body and justify how the thesis statement makes sense.

If you are working on a term paper for the first time, this knowledge will help you prepare your term paper in the right manner.

What Are the Major Elements of the Term Paper Format?

A term paper generally follows a fixed format. However, it may also differ from course to course. So, it is always better to consult with your professor before you start working on your term paper. In case your professor does not have anything new to add, you should follow the regular term paper format, which includes the following elements:

Title Page:

The title page is a separate page that is put at the beginning of the term paper. It includes the paper title, name of the student, course title, name of the teacher, and date of submission.


This is where you need to include your inspiration behind the term paper (or the subject) and other crucial introduction.


This section includes a brief overview or summary of the term paper.

Literature review:

This section briefly discusses research works and studies done previously on the topic and helped you develop your approach and methodology.


This section offers a detailed explanation of the research methods and experimental approaches in chronological order.


This section concludes the findings of your research and displays scalable results (statistics, figures, analysis, etc.).

Future Recommendations:

In this section, you need to suggest the ideas that people can work on to solve the problem discussed in the term paper.

Reference List:

The last section of the term paper includes a list of all the resource materials as per the instructed referencing style.

While drafting the term paper, remember to include all these elements of the term paper format.

How to Write a Term Paper?

Now that you have a better understanding of the term paper outline and the term paper format, here are the steps you need to follow to prepare a quality term paper.

1. Spend a significant amount of time on research:

In order to prepare an impressive term paper, you need to gather all the necessary and relevant details you can get your hands on. Use both online and offline research materials to develop the foundation of the research paper.  Also, when you have access to all the relevant details, you can come up with a better approach and idea to develop the research paper.

2. Develop the outline first:

It is always recommended to prepare the research paper outline first before you start writing the main content. As mentioned, the outline helps you organize your ideas and arguments in a proper manner. Moreover, it allows you to stay on track and avoid unnecessary steps while drafting the term paper.

3. Create an impressive introduction:

Since the introduction is the first thing in your main content, it is important to make a solid impression on the readers. Use a hook to grab the readers’ attention from the beginning. Use a relevant question or an interesting statistic to impress the readers right from the start. Also, it should give the readers enough idea about the term paper topic.

4. Keep your content concise:

While writing the main body of the term paper, make sure you mention only the important things. Do not add any fluff to your content. Also, you will have to discuss different points in each paragraph. While doing so, you also need to ensure that the points do not overlap with each other. Use short and simple sentences to prepare the content.

5. Cite all the sources of external references:

Your professor may have already told you which referencing style to follow while drafting the paper. So, follow the referencing style guidelines and cite all the sources of external references used in the paper. You will also need to add a reference list as per the guidelines.

6. Proofread and edit the paper before submission:

Lastly, you need to proofread the whole paper and identify all the errors in it. This may take some time as it requires thoroughness. While you will have to take care of the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and incorrect punctuations, you also need to find the areas that could have been presented better and make the necessary changes.

With these steps, you can develop a quality term paper on your own. However, if you need a term paper example for reference, you can check out the repository of and get a better idea of the task. You can also find inspiration for your term paper topics there.

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