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100+ Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

100+ Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Are you struggling to come up with an appealing speech? Writing an exceptional speech requires crafting arguments perfectly that relate to your audience and influence them to support you. This is not an easy task, however, a thought-provoking and appealing speech topic is a great place to start.

When choosing persuasive speech topics, you might feel overwhelmed by the abundance of options to choose from—or your head may go blank. If you are struggling to come up with the appropriate topic, don't panic. TopHomeworkHelper is here to help you! Being one of the top academic assistance sources, we have earned a name for ourselves in this highly competitive field of educational assistance. Be it any college homework help or law homework help, we are always ready to assist you. 

Today, in this post, we will be discussing persuasive speech in terms of its key components and steps to a compelling speech. Moreover, you will find 101 persuasive speech topics, which you can use as innovative inspiration for your own ideas.

Persuasive Speech Overview: Crafting Compelling Arguments

A persuasive speech is built in a way that enlightens, educates, convinces, or encourages the audience to take action. It is all about trying to persuade the audience to prove your point of view.

Most of these speech topics are intriguing, bold, and feature a strong perspective. You should speak about something about which you are aware and can justify your talk, as well as critically analyze opposing viewpoints.

Mastering this technique takes time and practice, so don't be discouraged if it fails to come naturally to you. Remember to consult your sources, discuss with instructors, and have a good time.

Key Components of Good Persuasive Speech Topic

It's not easy to come up with a persuasive speech topic that can influence the audience to take action through emotional appeals and logical arguments. Ensure your persuasive speech topic features the following qualities:


A good persuasive speech topic that addresses current issues is very important to the audience. The topic may be something that's been in the news recently or an ongoing social problem.

Audience Connection

A persuasive speech must relate to the audience's concepts and thoughts. This is key to convincing them of your point of view. 

Clear Purpose

An excellent persuasive speech comes with clear goals and purposes. Not just a great persuasive speech topic will do; you also need to present it in a way that relates to your audience and influence them. 

Controversy and Interest

Always choose controversial topics, as it’s the most effective way to draw your audience. As previously mentioned, these topics urge people to share thoughts and make new resolutions. 

Emotional Appeal

Do you feel deeply about the topic you have selected? Sometimes, presenting an opposing viewpoint from your point of view can help you develop empathy and perspective. In either case, the most important thing is to choose a topic that you are passionate about.

Credible Sources

You must be able to provide solid evidence for your claims from credible sources. Your argument will be strengthened the more facts and proof you can gather. Furthermore, your audience will be more likely to believe in your motivational speech subjects.

Clarity and Simplicity

Craft a persuasive speech that the audience easily understands. Make sure the topic you choose is simple, and your arguments make sense.

How to Create and Deliver a Compelling Persuasive Speech

After selecting a perfect persuasive speech topic (our list of 110 captivating persuasive speech ideas is coming next!) and finishing your research on the subject matter, you will start with the writing process. With the following speech preparation steps, you can come up with an argument that is exceptional and convinces your audience to agree with you.

Determine Your Thesis

Which perspective are you encouraging your audience to agree with? After hearing your speech, are you requesting them to do anything specific? As with a persuasive essay, before you begin writing, ensure that your thesis or call to action is very clear.

Organize Your Main Arguments

Make an outline of the facts or speech delivery techniques you have gathered to back up your thesis. As you prepare your argument, make sure your ideas make sense together.

Support with Facts and Examples

For your evidence, you should look for a variety of sources, preferably credible or recognized ones. (Do not use Wikipedia, kindly!) Another way to get personal is to use experiences from your own life or the lives of those close to you. This will help you to come up with convincing speech topics that will eventually boost the influence of your persuasive speech.

Add Emotional Connections

Make your case stronger by appealing to your audience's nostalgia and shared ideas. Another strategy (which marketers often employ) is to appeal to your audience's worries and depend on their instincts for self-preservation.

Address Counterarguments

Do the reasoning for yourself instead of waiting for your audience to come up with counterarguments to your statements. Then counter those criticisms using additional information, instances, and anecdotes.

Wrap-Up with a Strong Conclusion

In the end, summarize your main points, make one final emotional pitch to your audience, and make a stern call to action.

101 Engaging and Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

As you might not have imagined, persuasive topics are challenging to come up with. The experts at TopHomeworkHelper have compiled a list of 101 persuasive speech topics, grouped by category, for you to select from or use for motivation. From us, you can either buy persuasive speech or hire speechwriting expert at reasonable rates. 

1. Education Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should the curriculum of schools include classes on mental and physical health for holistic wellness?
  • How can sex education be presented more expertly?
  • Should autistic students be included in regular classroom settings?
  • Are grades an accurate metric of learning?
  • What advantages come with teaching music and art subjects in high school?
  • Does homeschooling benefit kids or hurt them?
  • Should high schools provide a better opportunity for independent learning?
  • What are the advantages of making preschool free for all families?

2. Good Persuasive Speech Topics on Social Issues:

  • Should we give undocumented immigrants free healthcare?
  • Does social media threaten democracy in any way?
  • Should the general public have access to the sex offender registry
  • Do programs for syringe services minimize or encourage risky behaviors?
  • Will morality support physician-assisted suicide?
  • Is free expression hampered by cancel culture?
  • Should states or the federal government handle the decision about abortion?
  • Does a statute of limitations make sense?

3. Health and Wellness Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • Are prescription drugs required to be free?
  • Should there be higher taxes on sugar-filled drinks like pop?
  • Is it right for nurses to receive higher pay?
  • Is it necessary to ban smoking?
  • Should there be no fees for enrolling in a gym?
  • Are individuals solely in control of their own health?
  • Should fast-food restaurants control and minimize their portions?
  • Should the cost of vegetables and fruits be regulated by the government?

4. Technology and Innovation Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • Does AI-generated art have an opportunity in art competitions or exhibitions?
  • When self-driving cars cause accidents, who is to blame?
  • Should ChatGPT and other AI tools be made available to students for writing assignments?
  • Do virtual reality lessons make excellent educational tools?
  • Do the advantages of strong AI systems surpass the disadvantages?
  • Does the use of personal drones require government regulation?
  • Do voice assistants like Alexa and Siri violate people's privacy?
  • Does banning cell phones in schools actually help students learn better?

5. Legal and Ethical Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • Is racism ever going to end?
  • Are we really a part of a democratic society?
  • Is a living wage or a minimum pay more useful?
  • Should the minimum age to vote be cut short?
  • Should more individuals strive to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet?
  • Is the death penalty ethical?
  • Is the government spending a lot of money on the military forces?
  • Can a president hold power beyond two terms?

6. Sports and Entertainment Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • Do fighting sports like mixed martial arts and boxing need to be banned?
  • Do sports teams need pro athletes to stand during the reciting of the national anthem?
  • Should football be banned from high schools for safety and health risks?
  • Should playing a team sport be mandatory for all high school students and college athletes?
  • The perks of using online streaming services
  • How does social media affect our mental well-being?
  • How does technology impact our ability to communicate with others?
  • Do video gamers qualify as professional athletes?

7. Environmental and Scientific Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • What is the Environmental Cost of Mining Cryptocurrencies?
  • The Personal Responsibility Factor in Reducing Global Waste
  • Does the government have any policies that prevent the usage of disposable diapers?
  • Why Should There Be a Community Garden in Every Neighborhood?
  • How can science help those with impairments live more fulfilling lives?
  • Investing in space exploration will make life better for people
  • Consuming genetically modified food is unhealthy for us
  • Painkiller use is detrimental

8. Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Reasons why students lack focus in class
  • How urgently a minister of meme regulation is needed
  • Why not use funny pick-up lines?
  • Which group gossips more—men or women?
  • Reasons for including folding fitted sheets for the Olympic Games
  • Pajamas make a great formal attire choice
  • Why should you not add your parents as Facebook friends?
  • When things go wrong, why blame the horoscope?

9. Successful Persuasive Speech Topics

  • The significance of people's abilities to your company's success
  • Do introverts make better entrepreneurs?
  • What role does a mentor have in your entrepreneurial success?
  • Establishing a profitable company without any funding
  • The importance of innovative business concepts
  • Using disappointed customers' feedback to boost your sales
  • Why should you pursue your business passion?
  • Acknowledging your place in the industry. How might it impact your business plan, both now and in the future?

10. Controversial Issues Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • Why should the practice of abortion be forbidden?
  • Why is the ban on automatic weapons essential?
  • Religion causes more damage than good.
  • Inequality of wealth poses a threat to society
  • Why restoring state authority may be helpful?
  • Degrees that are traditional are no longer relevant
  • Why should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Democracy is not the ideal framework for government

11. Persuasive Speech Topic for College

  • Why it's important to ban animal hunting?
  • Adoption by single parents deserves permission
  • Why should recycling be a must?
  • Why should we avoid interfering in the internal affairs of other nations?
  • Why sex education courses must be included in the college curriculum? 
  • The reasons why sustainability activities should be given top priority in colleges
  • The implications of student loan debt on prospects for the future and mental health
  • Why it's important for college students to support initiatives aimed at affordable housing?

12. 5-Minute Persuasive Speech

  • Steps for online safety
  • Middle Eastern nations employing intelligent irrigation systems
  • Methods and advantages of rainwater harvesting
  • Jobless due to technology
  • 3D printing's future

13. Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics (2024)

  • Is it fair to ban commercial fishing?
  • Is it right for us to communicate in a universal language with people around the world?
  • Should people who choose not to vote face consequences?
  • Is the movie rating system a useful tool for determining whether a film is suitable?
  • Is it right to build artificial life forms with advanced emotional intelligence?
  • Does junk food deserve a "health tax" from the government?
  • Do parents have to let their kids pick their own names?
  • Is it fair to alter the culture, gender, and/or race of ancient figures in TV shows and films?

14. Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

The top public speaking topics for persuasive speech are as follows:

  • Is it fair to allow a student to skip class if they want?
  • Is it a good thing or a bad thing to pay more taxes?
  • Should we, as humans, control the weather?
  • Easy strategies for reducing stress
  • Extract time to spend with your grandparents
  • Innovative 21st-century business ventures
  • People's self-esteem and self-image are impacted by social media
  • Competitive sports provide valuable life lessons for us

Now that I've Picked My Topic, What's Next?

After choosing one of the great persuasive speech topics, make sure you follow the steps highlighted below to craft the best possible argument:

1. Conduct in-depth research

2. Consider all the different viewpoints

3. Adapt to your audience - Talking with people about your topic will help you better understand who they are

4. Think about your credibility when presenting the topic. In order to sway the audience with the best persuasive speeches, you have to assure them of your ethos or that you are someone they can trust. Consider this to deliver a great persuasive speech topic:

  • How much of the main character are you in this story?
  • Have you made any contributions to this field via articles, books, papers, blogs, or products?
  • To what extent are you qualified to discuss this topic?
  • Do you have any personal experience about it? If so, for how many years?
  • For how long you have been interested in the field?

Crafting an Impactful Persuasive Speeches: A Step-by-Step Guide

As per the experts of TopHomeworkHelper, creating a great persuasive speech involves using some key speech-writing tips, which are outlined below:

Create an Outline

Your outline must consist of an introductory section with a thesis statement, a main section that uses evidence to explain and support your viewpoint while rejecting any counterarguments, as well as a conclusion. The conclusion will summarize the impactful presentation ideas that came before and act as your final opportunity to convince your audience.

Write Your Speech

Use both your outline and the informative topics you have gathered to your advantage. Remember, this is not dry writing; it has a viewpoint, and it's yours. Use emotive language, anecdotes, and instances to support your persuasive speech topic. For more effective speech ideas, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from our expert speech writers at TopHomeworkHelper. 

Practice Makes Perfect

The secret to success after finishing your final draft is to practice. Deliver your persuasive speech topic aloud in front of a mirror, your loved ones, friends, and pretty much everyone else who will listen. Feedback from others will not only help you improve your persuasive speech, but it will also boost your confidence to deliver and possibly even help you memorize it.

Expert Assistance for Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics – Explore Our Site!

With the list of best persuasive speech topics and useful tips on how to select a topic mentioned above, you can start your speaking journey in the right direction. Make sure you have selected relevant and easy persuasive speech topics. Don't hold back; here is your chance to openly and honestly share your opinions!

If you are still struggling to shortlist a few good persuasive speech topics or you don't know how to write your speech effectively, don't worry. Our qualified speech writers make crafting a persuasive speech look simple! So, submit your order with TopHomeworkHelper today and have peace of mind as you know their top-notch professional speechwriting services are going to provide you with a convincing speech to wow your audience. When you type “pay someone to do my homework,” you will find many names; however, choose us for the best possible services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best topic for persuasion? heading0

There is no such specific topic for persuasion. Pick sensitive and risky topics to speak on if you want to wow the audience as a public speaker. Examples include workplace romance, polygamy, abortion, and human cloning. These kinds of persuasive speech topics inspire change and action in the audience like nothing else. They also present opposing views on the topic and raise strong concerns in the minds of those who listen.

What is a good persuasive speech? heading1

A good persuasive speech addresses topics of significant relevance, provides strong arguments that are ethically or emotionally charged, and is backed by reliable, well-researched information.

What are overused speech topics? heading2

Overused speech topics are very common. This urges us to follow similar persuasion techniques to others. Some examples include capital punishment, drinking age, abortion, smoking, organ donation, legalization of marijuana, adoption, affirmative action, media violence, gun control, etc.

What are some unique topics? heading3

The listed below are the top choices when it comes to a unique persuasive speech topic:

  • The benefits of meditation and mindfulness in learning
  • Reasons for implementing gender-neutral uniform policies in schools
  • Why studying emotional intelligence in high school offers advantages
  • The reasons for offering a personal finance course at every college or university
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