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100+ Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

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100+ Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics
 John Luther   Published On Mar 18, 2020 | Updated on Nov 28, 2023  Assignment  0

Imagine you have a speech to deliver in your class after two days, and you couldn’t even manage to find a suitable topic to write your speech. Maybe you’re not well-acquainted with how to find a fitting topic for your persuasive speech. Such situations are fairly common for most students, and in order avert them, we’ve got the right solutions.

That being said, we have carefully curated a list of topics to take you out of your miseries. You will gain some valuable ideas from the topics listed here, and that in turn, will translate into a brilliant academic performance.

Good persuasive speech topics on Health

If you’re unable to come up with speech topics on health and lifestyle, you can use these persuasive speech ideas mentioned below.

  1. Schools should take a more proactive approach to teach children the importance of healthy living from a tender age.
  2. Should healthcare be made more accessible in developing countries?
  3. Explain the advantages of the universal system of healthcare.
  4. Should people aged above 50 indulge in high-intensity interval training?
  5. The fast-food chains should consider producing healthier alternatives.  
  6. Explain why the stigma around postpartum depression is baseless.
  7. Should medical insurance policies cover mental illnesses?
  8. Has the corporate sector grown to be more sensitive towards the mental health of the employees?
  9. Are fitness wearables really necessary for people to purchase?
  10. Homoeopathic medicines deserve more credit than they receive.  

Persuasive speech topics on Business and Economy

Stated below are some brilliant persuasive speech topic examples that you can explore to present your class.

  1. It’s time we raise the standard of advertising
  2. Explain why it’s important for the government to push local businesses in your country.
  3. Should the debt of a country suffering from economic crisis be paid by other economically strong countries?
  4. Are employee benefits more effective in earning the loyalty of employees better than the salary hike?
  5. Does outsourcing projects in foreign countries negatively impact the national economy?
  6. Are social media the best form of marketing that exists right now?
  7. Do multinational companies have more contribution to the economy of a nation?
  8. Digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing practices in terms of business’ bottom-line.
  9. Should more and more businesses gather funds through the process of crowdfunding?
  10. Even lesser-known brands are finding innovative ways to maintain their online reputation.

Persuasive speech topics on Education

Find a wide range of topics for a persuasive speech, particularly from the field of education.

  1. Should schools education focus more on imparting more life lessons to students?
  2. School curriculum should focus more on providing skill-based learning.
  3. Students should be evaluated depending on their specific skill set.
  4. Will implementing technology in the classroom improve the performance of a class collectively?
  5. Should community service become mandatory for students to take part in?
  6. The flipped classroom approach helps students become more productive.
  7. Should textbooks be replaced with laptops or tablets?
  8. Elaborate on why schools should increase recess time.
  9. Should schools allow commercial advertise within their campuses?
  10. Explain why schools should reduce the duration of class lectures.

Persuasive speech topics on Environment

Look for the best persuasive speech topics on environmental issues from the list provided below.

  1. Will turning vegan solve the environmental crisis that the world is in?
  2. Explain why there should be stricter laws to protect the endangered species of animals.
  3. Elaborate on why alternative sources of energy should be used more judiciously.
  4. Will using hybrid cars solve the concerns over air pollution?
  5. Widespread consumerism has spelt the doom for our environment.
  6. Making sustainable choices in our everyday life will reverse the damage caused to the environment.
  7. Should there be government intervention to reduce the number of cars on the roads and urging people to use public transportation more?
  8. The Amazon rainforest fire and Australian bushfires are an indication that we are still not conscious enough about environmental degradation.
  9. Is making oil from algae a more environment-friendly alternative?
  10. Is it possible to find a solution to the growing environmental crisis without hurting the global economy?

Persuasive speech topics on Ethical Issues

Read through some of the most interesting persuasive speech topics on ethical issues from this list.

  1. Are there better alternatives to the death penalty?
  2. Explain why the whistleblowers seeking asylum from a host country should be allowed to live there.
  3. Is supporting charities and NGOs enough to solve the issue of poverty?
  4. Explain why the Trump administration in the USA has not been able to impose stricter gun-control laws.
  5. Elaborate on why gender stereotyping is still at large in society.
  6. Are we addressing the issue of biased gender pay gap properly?
  7. Should men be allowed to maternity leaves from work?
  8. Explain why some developing countries are still behind in terms of creating better infrastructures that will help people with disabilities.
  9. Should assisted suicide to be initiated for patients who have lost the will to live?
  10. Do unfair abortion laws add to the stigma associated with the process of abortion?  

Persuasive speech topics on Sports

Can’t think of proper ideas for your persuasive speech on sports? Check out these examples given below.

  1. Should children be encouraged to take a keen interest in at least one sport as part of their school curriculum?
  2. Do outdoor sports receive more coverage than indoor sports from prominent sports channels?
  3. Should athletes still in college be paid for being part of the sports team?
  4. Elaborate on why the stigma attached to women being part of the male-dominated sports is no longer.
  5. The manufacturing of performance-enhancing drugs used by athletes should be banned.
  6. Elaborate on why betting should not be legalised in case of major sporting events.
  7. Children should be encouraged to take up more indoor sports.
  8. Why there should be more efforts to support talented sportsperson from under-developed countries?
  9. Elaborate on why bull-fighting should not be considered a sport.
  10. Should there be more funding opportunities for college sports teams?

Persuasive speech topics on Science and Technology

Trying in vain to present an excellent persuasive speech topic for your college?  These ideas listed below may be helpful.

  1. Corporate organisations are using artificial intelligence to control the buying behaviours of consumers.  
  2. Why having access to a digital library more convenient than the physical one?
  3. Why have some countries not been able to impose a complete plastic ban?
  4. Are we ready to use self-driving cars as an environment-friendly alternative?
  5. Technology has contributed to the social isolation of individuals.
  6. Will robots replace humans as part of the workforce in the corporate sectors?
  7. Should bitcoins be identified as a legal currency system?
  8. Why is it inappropriate to impose internet censorship?
  9. Explain why technology isn’t for everybody to use.
  10. Is technology making people less creative?

Persuasive speech topics on Law and Government

You can take inspiration from this list of persuasive speech topics on law and government.

  1. Should illegal immigrants be allowed to apply for citizenship in the country they migrate to?
  2. Is it fair for the government of a nation to detain suspected terrorists without proper trial?
  3. Is it the responsibility of the state to take care of the homeless?
  4. Should the president or prime minister be allowed to serve more than two consecutive terms?
  5. Should celebrities or public figures be imposed with stricter penalties for breaking the law?
  6. Is it alright for the government to impose restrictions on the freedom of expression in case there is an emergency situation?
  7. Are the laws against drunk driving effective?
  8. Why is it important to consider the facts that prevent the imposition of a complete ban on child labour?
  9. Should the government in your country consider other languages than English as the official language?
  10. Does the government in your country do enough to promote diversity and inclusivity?

Persuasive speech topics for Art and Culture

If you're running out of ideas to work on your persuasive speech, then these topics on art and culture are worth exploring. 

  1. Should graffiti be considered as an artwork?
  2. Elaborate on why children should be encouraged to play at least one instrument.
  3. Should college or university campuses dedicate a day to celebrate the diversity of the foreign students who pursue education?
  4. Is the cultural stereotyping of a particular race or ethnicity the result of their representation in the mainstream media?
  5. Explain why art is the best form of freedom of expression.
  6. Are millennials more detached to the culture they’re brought up in than their predecessors?
  7. Explain why art should be used to treat patients suffering from mental trauma.
  8. Should music therapy be included in health insurance policies?
  9. Present a speech on why students pursuing performing arts should receive government grants.
  10. Explain why the postmodern era paintings more politically inclined.

Humorous persuasive speech topics

Check out these funny persuasive speech topics as inspiration if you’re asked by your professors to present a speech the next time.

  1. Men gossip as much as women, if not more.
  2. Explain why you should blame the universe for everything that goes wrong in your life.
  3. Explain why people should be called out for their stupidity.
  4. Prepare a speech on why adulthood should come with a user manual.
  5. Why should not mobile phones come with a backspace button?
  6. Common sense is like a flower that unfortunately doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden.
  7. Explain why people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously in life.
  8. Elaborate on why women are better at getting a job done than men.
  9. Why it’s important to keep your parents away from social media.
  10. Elderly people should stop telling the “back in my day” stories.

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