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What is Discrete Math? 

Discrete Math

What is Discrete Math? 

Discrete mathematics is a branch of mathematics with mathematical structures. This particular domain deals with objects with discrete values and that’s why it is known as decision mathematics. It also includes deploying algebra and arithmetic. Students study mathematical structures that are basically discrete in nature and it does not need the notion of continuation. Things that are studied in discrete or infinite mathematics are hugely countable sets. The sets are like formal languages, finite graphs, integers and others.

Discrete math has a huge application in the science and computer science stream. It is now widely used and applied in programming languages, software and app development, Cryptocurrency and cryptography, higher math and so on. Undoubtedly it is one of the complicated mathematics branches for students where they need discrete math homework help from the discrete mathematics solution online sites.

But not all sites are good enough to give them proper solutions and that’s why a major percentage of students rely on the discrete mathematics tutorials online for their instant discreet mathematics homework help from discrete maths subject matter experts. So, if you are also struggling with discrete structures in computer science, choose the best discrete mathematics homework help from professionals who can cover every complicated topic for you.   

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Discrete math examples

Are you struggling with a discrete mathematics essay or any kind of complicated discrete math chapter? Then you should consult with homework help in discrete math helper. Students usually face hurdles in discrete math due to various reasons and one of the common reasons is no basic knowledge of discrete mathematics. If you want to solve discrete math problems online, choose the best math homework help site on the topic. Here are some discrete mathematics chapters with examples that will strengthen your basics in discrete mathematics.

Set theory: 

Set theory is one of the fundamental chapters in discrete maths. It is the study of sets. Sets are the collection of objects or elements in a group. 

The set of numbers or elements can be identified by the second brace.

For example, the set of first 5 odd numbers is {1, 3, 5, 7, 9} here, and the cardinal number of the set is 5. Students find this chapter difficult and they need set theory homework help from professional discreet math experts. 

Take another example:

If the set represents all the leap years between the years 1996 and 2012, then its results would be this way: 

L = {1996,2000,2004,2008,2012}

Here are some more commonly used sets:

 N: Set of all natural numbers 

Z: Set of all integers 

Q: Set of all rational numbers 

R: Set of all real numbers 

Z+: Set of all positive integers

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Graph Theory: 

The application of graph theory in computer science and statistics is huge and significant. This section is the study of the graph. Graphs are one of the main elementary chapters in discrete mathematics.

It is the study of relationships between two nodes. It can be used in various ways to determine the relations and procedures in biological, social and information systems like ranking or ordering hyperlinks in search engines, DNS sequencing, the study of molecules and atoms, GPS and google maps to find out the shortest path and computer network security.

Hire a math homework helper online if you are stuck with any graph theory related issue.   

Example 1: Take this above image and calculate the number of vertices in this graph?

A: The number of vertices in this graph is 7.


It is a particular arrangement of objects in a definite order. The permutation is the basic chapter of set theory and discrete maths, here is an example. 

Suppose there are 6 permutations of the set {1, 2, 3} namely (1, 2, 3), (1, 3, 2) (3, 2, 1) (2, 1, 3) (3, 1,2). So, it is all about arranging the sets without any repetition.  


Studying and understanding login in discrete mathematics is the elementary one. Logic in discrete mathematics is defined as valid reasoning. Logic is widely applied in computer science and electrical engineering. Here are some examples of logic like AND, NOR, NOT and OR. 


This chapter in discrete maths can be described as the chances of occurrence of any event. It is a thorough explanation of random processes and their pertinent results. It is generally represented in numbers between 0 and 1.

The various laws of probability have deep applications in various industries. Discrete probability is the possibility of relying on the relevant set of results. If you struggle with probability theories, take homework experts help from professionals. 

 Example 1:

There are 6 chocolates in the bag, 3 are purple, 2 are red and 1 is green. What is the probability of getting red chocolates? 

The probability is equal to the number of red chocolates divided by the total number of pillows which is 2/6 = 1/3. 

Example 2:

Find the probability of getting 4 on rolling a dice:

Sample space is {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

 The total number of outcomes would be 6

Number of favourable outcomes 1

That is A = 4 

Hence, the probability is P(A)= n (A)/n (S) = 1/4

The answer is P (3 on rolling a die) = 1/4

Use Of discrete mathematics

Discrete mathematics is applied in computing and theoretical computer science. Theoretical computer science is deeply connected with logic, graph theory, probability and number theory. Computer science is closely related to formal language and automata theory. The VLSI chips are designed by using discrete mathematics theories.

Combinatorics is one of the significant techniques for counting and rearranging. It is useful in counting a large number of operations used by a computer algorithm. These three types of combinatorics include existential combinatorics, enumerative combinatorics and constructive combinatorics. Discrete math tutoring help can give you a detailed understanding of this application. 

Information theory is another application of discrete mathematics where the coding and information theories are co-existed. It helps in designing storage methods and reliable data transmission. There are a lot of topics are including analog signal and coding, encryption and mathematical logic. The main purpose of information theory is to pass over the data through noise mediums. 

Mathematics logic in discrete mathematics is known as formal logic. Here students learn about the principles of valid reasoning. They will also understand completion, consistency and soundless.

Mathematical logic is used in software verification and automat theory in computer science. Due to its applications, there is a huge demand for discrete mathematics tutors online from various international students. 

In computer science, there is a whole paper on graph theory where students learn the application of discrete mathematics. The practical application of graph theory is google Maps, airline scheduling or flow problems, calculating the shortest path, solving Sudoku puzzles by graph colouring, social media marketing for community detection and search engine optimization algorithms for page ranking.

So, hiring a discrete math tutor will help you in understanding the complicated application of discrete maths quickly.  

Getting confused while learning discrete mathematics applications in real life is common and that’s why students seek discrete math help from professionals. Now, you can hire discrete math tutors online from a reputed tutoring service online. 

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 Why is discrete math important for computer science?

 Many aspiring coders or programmers don’t like discrete mathematics while pursuing computer science or electronics but it is compulsory. Students must submit their discrete mathematics homework solutions online because there is a huge scope while studying discrete math in the computer science stream. 

Computer science is based on discrete mathematics like analog and digital, logic, signals, networking, combinations and graph theory. Learning discrete mathematics in computer science will help you in:



The complexity of a program 


Memory management

Data structure 

Mathematical and logical thinking

The graph theory is related to operating systems, compilers in programming 

and networking.

The set theory is the basic foundation for software engineering and databases. 

Probability theories are now highly applicable in artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced programming. The applications of discrete math for computer science are real and unavoidable.

So, if you find it difficult, consult with homework help for discrete math online. You can also check out trending discrete math tutorials online from reputed online academic sites. 

Discrete maths will help you to solve daily problems like:

How can you identify important messages? 

How many ways are there to choose a strong password?

How many steps are needed to make a list using the given methods?

How can you prove your algorithm is more efficient?

Discrete math can introduce computing in easy ways. You can take any discrete math book and check the contents. It helps you understand the computing topics better.

If you understand the basic chapters like logic, combination and permutation, and graph theory in discrete maths, studying computer science will be easier. 

A discrete mathematics tutor will help you in learning all the complicated theories with right examples and explanation. You can also discuss your doubts and issues with the subject matter professionals.


Studying discrete mathematics will help you in gaining immense knowledge in theoretical computer science. Mastering in discrete mathematics program include algorithm, computer systems, computer architecture, machine learning, computer security, functional programming, and distributed systems.   

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